What To Look For In An Ideal Battery Source ?

What To Look For In An Ideal Battery Source ?

The commitment of every industry towards using environmentally friendly fuel sources has increased the importance of both single-use and rechargeable batteries manifold. This in turn has made the battery industry a volatile one making constant upgrades and innovative designs on a global level. Every battery manufacturer is constantly working towards providing batteries with the following salient features

  • Quick charging on even a minimalistic power source
  • Slow discharge with longer backups and shelf life
  • Good specific density ratings
  • Environment-friendly material usage
  • Recyclable characteristics in the longer run
  • Robust design options to withstand vibrations
  • Elegant finishing and sealing to position the batteries appropriately

We at Axess Power understood the market potential for indigenous battery solutions for major industries. Our R&D team works with increased fervor to provide the exact batteries that would be appropriate to their respective industries. Our goal is to deliver a comprehensive battery solution that will last longer and reap rich ROI. We design, manufacture, and distribute quality batteries across four continents and all major countries.

Our biggest asset is our flexibility to accommodate any volume of requirements and deliver them within the time deadline with a transparent process. We have a competitive pricing strategy that will be easy on start-ups and industry leaders alike. We have experts who analyze the requirements received from clients and suggest the most profitable and efficient solution. This makes our clients get quality industry information helping them to make informed and correct decisions on their requirements.

Axess Power Provides Enormously To The Following Industries In Terms Of Quality And Innovative Products:

Energy Storage Industries

The world is moving towards Reserved Capacity energy sources and we at Axess Power have very efficient energy storage solutions that use advanced technologies to achieve the desired output. The reservoir concept of energy storage is enhanced on a routine basis by finding suitable chemical elements and manufacturing technology. Our batteries are leakproof and use completely sealed containers making it easier to transport and position them at any particular angle as per the needs. The valve technology is a failsafe method to ensure that there are no unexpected failures or accidents and is hence preferred across the globe for a variety of functionalities. The time required to replace a battery is good with our batteries because of the materials we use in building the batteries.

Automotive Industries

Including electric vehicles, the automotive industry accounts for the largest demand for batteries whether rechargeable or non-rechargeable. The environmental awareness towards the fossil fuel source and emission level restrictions are driving the automotive industry towards battery-operated vehicles and devices. The new business motive in building a lot of charging stations has forced this industry to research, try and accommodate viable alternative options of battery materials instead of traditional ones.

Facility Management Industry

Portable options and heavy-duty type requirements are most common in this segment and the batteries essentially decide life or death in many cases. Only premium manufacturers are preferred in this sector and Axess Power is one of them as we earned this respect through a reliable reputation over a decade. The backup or uninterrupted power supply is a priority and we always ensure that our quality batteries always exceed expectations.

ELV and Fire Fighting Industry

Customized detection systems and low thermal runaway make our batteries the top seller in this sector. The digital alerting system monitors the operational parameters of the batteries and raises an alarm if it finds any extreme deviations in them. This way the faulty unit can be easily isolated and attended to, without any unwanted incidents. Proper air circulation procedures or coolants increase the life of the batteries and decrease the possibility of thermal failure.

Elevator and Escalator Industry

We provide fully automatic UPS battery supply to lifts in commercial and residential places. The batteries are designed to occupy less space and operate without any sound providing excellent output. Stable, safe, and eco-friendly, our batteries are preferred for their top-notch performance. Digitally controlled and long hours of backup supply assures the Axess Power batteries find wide patronage. The intrinsic design makes it simple to install and maintain without much difficulty.

Regional Demands

Based on the geography the battery requirements differ as the climatic conditions can be at any extreme that might require optimum battery performance and minimal charging at the same time. The operational temperature of a battery determines the versatility of its usage of the same. Nickel-cadmium, Lithium-ion, etc., have so far occupied the majority market share but innovative ideas and new materials are being tried daily. The durability determines a particular material in a particular part of the world whether to withstand extreme cold or high temperatures.

What Makes Us Click ?

Axess Power has contributed to all these industries with dedication for the past decade and we are going from strength to strength through the continuous support of all our clients. Our ethics have built a healthy relationship with all our clients and we are now able to deliver to more new startups with intriguing packages that will boost their growth within a small time frame. Our conscious and sincere efforts to reduce the carbon footprint in our production, and operation while recycling our batteries are well appreciated within the community.