Axess Power have been serving quality, reliable and safe battery
solutions worldwide for over a decade.

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“Axess Power”

We Provide Best Battery For The Better Backup

Axess Power have been serving quality, reliable and safe battery solutions worldwide for over a decade. Our battery products are designed and manufactured using the advanced equipment and committed to the most stringent quality control. This process is key to ensuring both consistency and reliability with any product that carries the Axess Power’s appellation.

Our range of battery products includes sealed maintenance free lead acid (SMF), gel, nickel cadmium, lithium iron and related accessories also, our R&D team are developing innovative solutions in the battery manufacturing for delivering a wide range of battery products.

Who We Are

We at Axess Power work on three core principles from the day we started our journey: the value of our product, the promise to our client and transparency in our entire process. These ethics have allowed us to build an empire that has grown from strength to strength and created a dominant reputation for our brand. Our customer centric approach and the ability to adapt to all latest technologies with the best engineers at our R&D department stands as our pillars. We understand that the battery industry is the most frequently upgraded one and to be the leaders in it, we need to be at our best at all times.

Streamlining our manufacturing unit based on safety procedures and bringing out the best from our employees by creating an enthusiastic work environment makes Axess Power a more friendly vendor to work with. Our happy to help attitude always prioritizes client requirements and works out the most feasible solution under any budget. Every challenge that was thrown at us is made into a stepping stone with our constant positive efforts and smartwork. A decade has gone by since we set foot in this industry with a lot of achievements and accolades but we take pride in the fact that we grew along with our clients.

Our Products

Unique alloy materials combined with an indigenous design make our industrial-grade batteries superior. We guarantee the lowest self-discharge rate and the longest life for all our AGM technology-based batteries.

Premium batteries with good CCA rating and resistance to heat, Axess Power has grown as the most trusted brand. Our key is to deliver leak proof and low-maintenance sealed batteries that last 5x times longer.

Unique and patented formulation makes our Gel batteries have low thermal runaway. Sustained cycling, leak proof and spill free batteries makes it an ideal option for safety first working environments such as hospitals.

Our flexibility to provide batteries in varied dimensions with centralized venting makes our brand superior. The AGM separator usage makes it suitable to be installed in varied positions without any hassle.

Global partners prefer us in getting these batteries for its long life aspect and our steady focus on constant improvisations in them. Fuel gauge applications prefer it as we introduce enhanced chemistry on a regular basis.

Our most versatile product, the 2V batteries, have high specific density and give 15 years shelf life. Impact resistant with thick plates makes it the most sought after brand in the field of telecommunication and military installations.

Why Choose Us ?

Well, if quality is the yardstick then it must be us!



We have a decade of unparalleled experience in designing customized batteries. Our global supremacy in this field comes from our transparency in work ethics and our ISO certifications. The trust we earned over the years and the reputation that is built on it is beyond par in this industry.



Energy storage devices are our forte providing longer backup with a single quick charge. Our trendy designs and the zero maintenance factor in all our products assures our clients with a good investment. From electrical vehicle batteries to emergency lights, we are the pioneers in the market.



Our response is always prompt and our delivery is punctual as we use dedicated engineers to all our clients. Our internal audit routine makes us deliver on a consistent basis with efficient staff and excellent logistics. Our 24/7 customer support team saves your time with accurate solutions.



The odds of getting an issue in any of our products is almost nil as we have stringent quality measures at every stage of manufacturing. We strictly adhere to the international safety standards in producing lightweight and highly efficient batteries. Clean energy is our goal and all our batteries are recyclable.

Why Prefer Axess Power Batteries

Why does Axess Power dominate the rest of the market with respect to customer service? We stand apart from our competition with the following features:

  • High specific density compared to other products in market under the same specs
  • Very economical and value-for-money products that helps startups
  • Temperature range of operation is above the market average
  • The shelf life is five times that of the next best brand
  • The chemical elements used are premium and superior
  • Versatile and flexible proprietary designs that fits well for your needs
  • Customization and range of products are listless
  • Logistics are always prompt and we respect deadlines
  • Certifications of standard is always upgraded to the latest one
  • Expert guidance support in selecting the appropriate batteries

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